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Springs and a full range of metal products and services including Belleville washers; Coil springs; Circlips; Toolclips and Wavewashers.

The Lancashire Spring Company are known for producing a wide variety of quality spring products. This is just the tip of what we now produce. Here are a selection of the products and services we provide for customers across the UK, Europe and the World. If you want to know more call 01706 715800 or click the quick quote button.

Brush and Clock springs   -   Tool clips   -   Brackets   -   Disc springs   -   Belleville washers   -   Wave washers   -     Electrical contacts   -   Flat springs   -   Extension springs   -   Torsion springs   -   Compression springs   -   Garter springs   -   Cir clips   -   Switchgear components   -   Assembly work   -   Tig welding   -   Mig welding   -   Braizing   -   Silver soldering   -   Heat treatment   -   Wet painting   -   Medical equipment   -   Wire forms   -   Leaf springs   -   Vibrator springs   -  Tool making   -   General engineering


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